Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ellis Team Adds Short Sale Specialist as Banks Gear Up For More Short Sales

The Ellis Team recently hired Marisa Morgan, a long time Bank of America Mortgage lender to assist with the banks growing desire to close more short sales instead of foreclosures.  Marisa found herself answering questions from Realtors on how to properly package short sales so the lender would take the offer instead of foreclosing, and she brings that experience to SW Florida and The Ellis Team at RE/MAX in Fort Myers, Florida.

Brett recently wrote an article that will be published in the Fort Myers News Press this weekend entitled Banks Revving Up For More Short Sales. It explains in details the intricacies of a short sale and what to look for in packaging the deal to the lender.  Brett and Marisa also discussed short sales in Cape Coral and Fort Myers on the Future of Real Estate Show entitled "Banks Gearing Up for More Short Sales in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, SW Florida"

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