Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Record Numbers Protest Lee County Florida Property Taxes

Lee County Florida experienced 2,896 property tax appeals for 2006, in which only 250 were granted. It was a record year as property owners became frustrated by the rising taxes they're paying each year as property values have increased dramatically, while politicians haven't lowered the tax rate to compensate for the steep rise in property values.

2007 will be a different year as assesses values should decrease. Assessed values are based upon the value January 1 of each year, and 2006 was a year in decline, so Jan 1, 2007 numbers should reflect a change downward, although we won't see those numbers until later in the year.


Anonymous said...

The 'big drop' in real estate taxes due to the 'bubble' bursting resulting in lower property values, has not transpired.
Having dealt with the Appraisers office on many occassions I am convinced that most of its employees have a second grade education and should be replaced. The Commissioners should fire the incompetant staff of the Lee County Appraisers office and employ college graduates that are qualified in a subject related to appraising properties.

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