Thursday, March 16, 2006

Article on Limited Services Brokerages

Are limited service brokers the good deal they advertise themselves to be? A study out of Texas suggests no. The study proves that homes sell for more money the more experience the agent has, among other things. And discount brokers get less for their homes, actually costing the sellers more money than the comission they saved.

So the question is, did the seller really save anyhthing, or did it cost the seller? Answers are provided in the linked article.

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Linsey Duncan said...

Are foreclosure homes still considered viable "bargain" homes, or are they considered in the same basic range as "limited services brokerages" -- where they look like a deal, but they really aren't? I help maintain an informational site which covers Corpus Christi Foreclosure and I wonder if there've been an articles about them, recently.

Brett Ellis said...

Linsey, we don't have many foreclosures inb this are, and the ones we do have aren't very good deals because the bank can actually make money here in SWFL. I can't speak for your area though.